Leah. 24. Sydney. Freelance Photographer. Shooting with Digital & Film Artillery.

Trash or Treasure.

Ghost town.

I WON! I can’t believe it.
I came 1st in the “Urban Landscape Photography” category at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. & my work sold, which is a plus too :) It was just slightly embarrassing accepting my award on stage :\ Haha x

I was randomly scrolling through my posts & noticed that my photograph called ‘23’ has 23 notes.
I just thought it was cool. LOL

I just saw “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”.

& it was fucking awesome. It has to be one of my favourite MCU films hands down. Loved it. & I got free merch from theĀ premiere. Woo!

Delight or Destruction.


Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Overgrown & Decayed.

How can one feel so alone in a world full of 7 billion people?

"I posted a new photograph a while ago, let’s see if it has any notes"

*Clicks activity tab*